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18 March 2009 @ 08:51 am
my last day as a student.. :(

grabe! ano ba?? kelangan isa isang kumpanya lng bwat araw dhil mga adik, puro filipino time kung mgsimula, kaya kelngn isa isa lng..
wla nako id! huhu.. :( dis is my last day as a student. mabait aqng filipino citizen, khit studyante ako ngbbyad ako ng ordinary fare, peo ngung araw na to, sinulit ko ang pgiging estudyante ko.. bye bye id! kelangan ng mgfile ng ids!!!

mar19 - interview with psbank (starstruck) - 3pm
mar20 - staff alliance - 9am
mar21 - proctr&gmble - 10:30am
mar23 - philstaff - junior researcher dw, mukang sure na to ah! hahah.. nga lng prang di ko trip! hahah.. :D
mar24 - sukat ng toga! 265! 9am dw, uac
mar25 - itutuloy ko n ung stellar
mar26 - cityland nb to?? hahahah.. at may letter p cla sosyal! ahahaha..:D

start something right.. heheh..:D this would be the start! sana may mtngapan man lng ako khit isa.. heheh kelngn mgtime management muna! wag muna mgaspire na mtatangap ka! hahahahha..

*my dear middle child, i gave you wine but not butter*.. -from me.. hahah
importante ang utang na loob.. pg wla kang utang na loob, di ka tao! hahah.. ang mssbi ko lng its not worth it to keep something if he dont show you value.. hahahahah

10 January 2009 @ 06:36 am
hahah.. essay for maine.. hahah..
wla lng. titled
impact of economic meltdown to overseas filipino workers
mejo sumakit ang ulo ko dhil almost 2 hours lng ginawa.. haha..:D
joke lng tong essay na to! hehe..

30 December 2008 @ 11:30 am
ako nlng lagi ang msama
ako nlng lagi nakakalimot
ako nlng lagi ang mali
ako nlng ang prating kelangang tumingin ng dapat tignan..
pano naman sila??
wla ba silang mahanap ni kahit isang pdeng ibang sisihin??
hindi ba nila pdeng tignan nman ung sarili nila??
ndi ba sila ngsasasawang manisi ng iba??

gnun b tlaga khirap mgpakita ng konting warmth?? khit ng konting appreciation sa mga gingawa mo pra skanila?? Collapse )
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25 December 2008 @ 11:34 am
my daily love horoscope
You could find it a bit hard going this evening. The celestial configuration indicates that although you may have had high hopes romantically, tonight's date will not turn out the way you had expected. You may find yourself becoming terminally bored by concern over petty details and trivia, which is nothing like the stimulating conversations you are used to. You may have to chalk this one up to experience.

even though you send me comments, you even shouted out that u love me, i kinda am disappointed. i was kinda hoping you'd give some time for me this evening, ung wla ka naman ng gagawin tomorrow, which wud be d perfect time to sleep late, peo aun, wla kn nmn... hay it was disappointing. and i feel so down today. i have to focus on my house chores. because i am a mess right now. right this minutei cant work the way i should be doing right now. fuck!
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19 December 2008 @ 10:36 am
ansaya saya nitong araw na to!!!

my horoscope for todayCollapse )


i came sa school ng mga 11:30am.. nsa avr n cla e.. xmas party ng 4-2..
saya sobra!!
nabunot ko c kath! and im happy naapreciate nia ung bag n khpon ko lng nabili! hehe.. :P
nakabunot naman sken c hazel! bag din!! anlaki! hehe..:D mamat!
gnda ng chain reaction namin, mga ojt ng landbank! haha..:D
grabe c shaed! all time host!! wlang patid sa katatawanan.. nakuha ko ung booty-shaker award! haha.. joke tlaga! haha..
handa sa programs atska sa games! heheh.. galing..:D
kela kathy, sheh at candy.. simple lng program peo ngustuhan ko ung awarding! heheh.. :P rockon!!
kela kath, jaz, iris at hazel.. pinagisipan tlaga ung games!! heheheh..
sa lahat ng ngparticipate, ngdocument at nagpicture, sa laht ng pumunta.. khit ung wala, at sa effort ni mam patag, SALAMAT!! this is our first and last xmas party.. it was absolutely fun!!

after nun, 3:30, direcho na ako sm bacoor! haha.. pasaway! nagdate pa! hindi pa pgod e! hehe.. nkarating nq 5:30! kmsta naman! hahaha.. peo aun, kumain kmi chowking, kung ano2 pinagagagawa namin! hinatid p nia ako hngng edsa! hahah..  sarap!!

pagod na.. pahinga na.. nguuusap p kmi ni k.nicko e! hahah..


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29 November 2008 @ 11:00 am
i am a big fan of twilight.. no doubt about it.. i  love edward cullen, in the face of robert pattinson.. i like the teenage love story with a twist of pointed teeth for you..

but last friday, in SM Bacoor, me and my bf watched the said movie. i was kinda expecting a lot!!  and if i say a lot, it is a lot! (like the times i expected for HP & the Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire because they were my favorite books)... but failed to satisfy my craving...

i like the fight scenes.. the ballet studio part, i love that.. i also love the baseball part wherein emmett and edward even fought just to get the ball. it fall entirely close to the description of the book. but i was actually kinda disappointed when all throughout the movie was bella's viewpoint.. yes, i know it really is bella's viewpoint in the book, but y does she even story tell in the movie?? cmon??!! and ironically, she knows that Edward is telling himself to stop when they were kissing passionately! how the hell would Bella know that?? just very ironic.. no pun intended..

i also did not like the music. although i love DECODE! i love it! as in!! profile music q p nga xa e.. gnda e.. peo the placing of music, the emphasis of music, kung sana meron, it would add something to the movie, peo sobrang nakulangan ako.. sobrang pati ung bella's lullaby parang siningit lang dun sa movie para makitang MERONG BELLA'S LULLABY!!!

i am sorry for the twilight fans.. i am just expressing my rant on this movie. i am really disappointed!!! it should and will HAVE BEEN included in my favorite movies, but unfortunately ddnt pass my standards.. too fast-paced and as if parts of the book were collected and made per scene. tpos pinagsama sama lang... also why is it na overemphasized ung puti ng muka ng mga Cullens? as if naman it would make a difference kung natural lng ung pgkaputi.. kc alam nman nming vampires cla e.. ang ganda sana ni Rosalie nga lng amputi nia sobra! and i also expected Alice to grab my attention, but unfortunately, parang bits lng xa dun sa movie.. at ang puti din nia! ang ganda din sana nia e.. lalo n c Edward!! ang gwapo sana e.. nga lng dq xa nrmdaman ng ineexpect ko skania.. khit nung pgkpasok nia sa cafeteria, wlang sound effects, prang "ok papasok naq!" hehe..:D
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25 November 2008 @ 10:26 am
My college time tableCollapse )
23 November 2008 @ 09:03 pm
Ang gsto kong love...Yung sa akin lang sya in-love!Collapse )

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19 November 2008 @ 09:13 am

"You can fool yourself into thinking a flirtation means more than it does early this week. A feeling of closeness may not be based on reality. Be patient and don't blame yourself for another's disinterest. Things change and you can make a big splash on Wednesday. This is the day for dramatic gestures and making demands. There's a chance of hurt feelings that can have you hiding in your shell on Thursday. Don't allow a misunderstanding to dim the fires of love. Avoid overreacting. It's important to tolerate the other's quirks. Friday and Saturday are the strongest days of the week for making a romantic connection. Your confidence is high and you have reason to celebrate. It's possible to take passion to the limit and beyond with someone you care deeply about. Romantic magic is possible during these auspicious days. Have fun."

a weekly horoscope from msn astrology. hahah..

sumasabay ang horoscope sa ngyyri ngung lingo ah.. ngugulat lng ako.. prang reference nlng ung horoscope peo tumtama pdin! hehe..

i am kinda badtrip knina, peo gnun e.. mejo nailabas ko n ung sama ng loob ko kaya ok nako, redi naq for tomorrow's date! aga ng uwi! haha.. :D sarap tlaga!! minsan lng to! haha.. sexytime n nmn! hahah.. joke lng.. 

sarap pdin ng inlove!! 

and i hate my ojt!! hmpf.. kpag ok tlg 75 hours, il quit by next saturday! hahah.. i had enough!! wahaha  nakakainis malaki nga ang baon peo badtrip naman sa araw! haha.. badtrip tlaga c bossing e! hehe

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04 November 2008 @ 11:53 am

haha. risk taken.  heart knows best????

and i'm happy. altho i havent seen him yet. 

stil i have faith.trust maybe. hehe. he'l be "tweety-bird" if he founds out im talking about him. hehe..

but i left a lot of work. i haven't done my resume, i havent sent my resume to kit (kc ndi ko nman alm ung ead nia) hehe.. i don't have a letter of intent (altho i know it's not needed), and i am so confused knina. buti tpos na. buti organized ako sa files. kundi lagot! hehe. nalimutan ko ung dapat kong ggwin dhil kakalandi. ahaha..

saya tpos ndin first day ng skul, xempre bago n nmn bukas.. kc magaaply kmi.. mrami kayang boys sa baste? hahah.. (Patay ka!), mgeelementary nlng kaya ako? para safe pa! hahah..  e parang ako pa ung ngpush kay aiz mgcollege. haha. game nman un e! heheh..  patay tlaga ako!hahah.. iba pla feeling. seryoso n nmn ako. waah. want to see him .. natatakot lng ako. ang arte arte ko kc! heheh.. 

malapit na twilight! hehe..sine sine sine! hehe..  mgsma kaya ako ng date? wahahah.. pgiisipan pa! heheh.. toink! 

kwatro? papi? haha.. papsicles nlng! heheh.. mwaah.. mis n agad kita. naman o!!


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